Waterproof dog Collar 3.8cm wide WITH name

They are made from BioThane® Beta, not Chinese imitation.
BioThane® Beta is a coated webbing that is water-proof, stink-proof, super durable & strong.
Made in the USA, BioThane® Beta has a soft, easy-to-grip feel and is very pliable even in the coldest weather. Easy to clean with soap and water and antimicrobial, so no need to worry about even the dirtiest outdoor activities with your dog.
I use the Super Heavy BioThane® Beta that is 3.8mm thick.
The collars will come with your dogs name ENGRAVED in them so the name DOESN’T wear off. If you choose the black colour take in mind that the colour of the name will be black too the name will be engraved into the collar but it will not show as much as if you choose for a light colour.
They also come with good Quality Stainless Steel Hardware.
You can choose from 8 fonts and I make them to your dog’s neck-size.


Choose the Name you want engraved on the collar

Choose the Phone Number you want engraved on the collar

Choose the Font you want for the Name on the collar

Measure the neck size of your dog as in the picture in Centimeters.

This product only ships to New Zealand. If you live outside of New Zealand and you'd like to purchase this product please get in touch.

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Bright Red, Bright Yellow, Bright Blue, Black