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Made right here in New Zealand. Check out the gallery for a wide range of completed projects, visit the shop, or contact me for a custom order!

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About me

My name is Jentina, and I’m from a beautiful small island called Terschelling in Holland.

My husband, 2 sons, and I, moved to New Zealand in 2008. Now we have a great spot in Hawke’s Bay, with our family.

I started my leather work while I was in search for a western saddle for my Clydesdale. I imported vintage western saddles and did small repairs in order to re-sell them, as they didn’t fit my Clydesdale.

All the beautiful carving, tooling and craftsmanship on the vintage saddles inspired a lot of my work. I am self-taught, through reading books, and a lot practice.

I love collaborating with my customers to create a beautiful and unique product. I also have a small collection of products ready to sell.

Please take a look at the pictures on my page to get an idea for what you would like to order from me.

– Jentina

Contact me

Get in touch with me to discuss custom projects. Feel free to take a look at the gallery for inspiration.


“Willow’s collar is stunning!!! The craftsmanship is outstanding Love the color. Thank you”


“Got this collar made for my boy Caesar. Highly recommended by a friend!!! The quality of the leather work is amazing and to a very high standard. Can’t recommend Jentina enough. Very happy ?”


“A lovely collar was made for my pup Ernie! Great craftsmanship!! He looks rather dashing with the collar on I think!!”